Be water my friend

Be water my friend


Objective: All work in the same direction

Customer: Telecom

Origin: Egipt

People: 40 employees

Location: Ibiza



Whether salty or sweet, water has been all around for Egyptians since many years and is a key factor that made their culture prevail until nowadays. The challenge was to make water the central theme of the whole Spanish journey with special focus on activities to strengthen team culture and motivation.


The location chosen was Ibiza as our base of operations to combine meetings on breath-taking locations to break with routine, daily excursions to unknown locations such as volcanic natural reserves and quite golden sand beaches. As multiple sails were used for the occasion, plenty of activities were organized to incentive team culture such as regattas, fishing competitions, treasure hunting challenges or orientation quizzes. 




01 March 2019


team building, meetings, activities